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  • Fashionable and beautiful design, perfect home kitchen decoration.
  • Insulation performance, suitable for kitchen table mats, bowls mat, dish mats, pot holders, coasters, table mats, etc.
  • Perfect for daily use and great decoration to your home.
  • Modern style design - suitable for various types of dining tables and kitchen
  • Beautiful design, perfect home decoration
  • Insulation performance
  • Best photography props
  • Ins and minimalist style
  • Good quality material.
  • Environmental and safe.
  • Easy to clean & use
  • Durable, practical and convenient to all type of sink
  • Perfect for kitchen sink, etc.
  • Have various colour to suit with you home theme
  • High quality material and not heavy
  • Supplement adequate nutritional moisture to hand skin and keep water locked for a long time, make hands as smooth as baby, healthy and moist.
  • Hand cream can give off fresh, elegant and charming fragrance.
  • Keep the elasticity of the skin and reduce rough and dry skin.
  • Care for tender hands, suitable for sensitive skin.
  • Moisturise and soften dry hands and cuticles with the moisture hand cream.
  • The non-greasy, ultra-hydrating formula is rich, creamy, and delicately scented with a cotton flower fragrance thats crisp, clean and subtlelike fresh cotton sheets.

Philips Respironics DreamStation Auto CPAP Machine

- For Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) sleep apnea treatment.

- Suitable for Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA) patient

CPAP makes you:

- Sleep well

- Eliminate/ reduce snoring

- Prevent sleep apnea

- Reduce risk of heart disease

- Reduce daytime sleepiness

- Improve concentration

- Better emotion control

!! Take note that this is an used unit from our customer in UK. He don't use this anymore due to the Philips Recall about the foam inside the unit. 

We recommend that you browse through Youtube to see how to remove the foam on your own.

Please be aware about the recall and know how to protect yourself. We do highly recommend that you remove the foam inside first before use.

  • Perfect for mixing batter, beating eggs, whipping cream and much more.
  • Slender, cylindrical shape fits into tight spaces while the decreased space between wires suits it for sauces, salad dressings, and other liquids that can flow between the whisk wires.
  • Springy wires with wide gaps incorporate more air into your light, fluffy batters, meringues, and whipped cream.
  • The sturdy do not bend as you whisk, whip, stir, mix, and combine ingredients. The handle fits comfortably in hand, and the entire kitchen utensil is dishwasher safe for maximum convenience.
  • This cooking and baking tool is perfect for whisking up sauces, vinaigrettes, homemade mayonnaise, batters, and custards. The classic French whisk handles a variety of kitchen tasks effortlessly.
  • User-Friendly = Quick and easy tax calculation. Displays up to 12 digits.
  • Comfort Sensitive Buttons = Percussion keyboard ergonomic design, clear sound,
  • Extra-large LCD display = Tilted screen for easy and accurate screen reading. Perfect for office, school or home use.
  • Perfect for office, business, school or home use.
  • High-end Quality

  • VARANG Spatula made of High Quality Silicone that can be use on high temperature

  • Heavy-gauge steel material

  • Perfect Non-stick


- Suitable for gift giving relationship: junior, lovers, husband and wife, colleagues, friends, elders, children, classmates, teachers Applicable festivals: Christmas, Spring Festival, mother's day, teacher's day, new year's day, Tanabata, Halloween, Easter, children's day, women's day

- Suitable for gift giving occasions: wedding, birthday, travel commemoration, graduation, party and Party